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Since 1994

We manufacture hydraulic gear pumps for leading brands, including Caterpillar, Furukawa, Hitachi, Komatsu, KYB, and Kobelco. We have an excellent reputation for over 30 years of business experience.

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Our Story

Gcrown is an independent, family-owned company. Our parent company entered Taiwan in 1950 and devoted itself to manufacturing professional hydraulic gear pumps. We have a global footprint with a presence in 30 countries. Since 1994, it's been our ambition to focus on business diversification - Then there’s Gcrown, B2B distribution of Taiwan hydraulic gear pumps.

We continue to grow our customer base but are driven by a simple belief that high-quality industrial trading brands will always be needed. With many Taiwanese manufacturers on assignment, it knows that its success is due to the customers, local suppliers, and collaborators who have helped us succeed.

Gcrown – It is quality, rather than quantity, that matters.





Why customers could not recognize Taiwan-made products' value?

Do they find it hard to trust Made In Taiwan?


We couldn’t find the answers to these questions. Instead, we delved deeper into brand awareness strategy and digital marketing tactics for MIT (Made In Taiwan) excavator parts while providing supplier audits, product audits, and pre-shipment inspections. This inspired us to create a company that we are proud to share and stand behind.





We're on a mission to lift Taiwan-Made excavator parts



Gcrown has stayed loyal to our belief in quality parts, offering our customers a variety of trusted Taiwan-Made excavator parts. Having made a long journey, we know exactly what direction to take when supplying high quality and the best price. We offer all of this while providing superior customer service, a return policy, and a warranty policy.




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